Visit to the UK (Scotland), as a tourist on holiday

Kayaking in the sea. 24 July 13 August


Our group (all group members are listed below) want to apply for the tourist visa in UK.

Our goal is wild camping and kayaking.


All members are professional kayakers and have long period of wild hiking experience.

Our travel route in UK is as follows:



Moscow Edinburgh

24 July 5:30 arr. 8:30


ScotRail: Edinburgh Mallaig

24 July 17:15 arr. 23:35


On kayak in the sea


Start: 25 July



- Armadale Castle.

- Ram. Kinloch village.

- Black Cuillin - extremely rocky mountains.

- Macleods Maidens

- Dunvegan Castle.

- Isay. Minday

- Trumpan Church and graveyard.

- Meall na Suiramach (The Quiraing).

- The Storr (rocky hill)

- Raasay

- Applecross

- Crowlin Islands


Finish: 10Aug



= 300 Km

We shall carry by ourselves all necessary equipment for sailing and camping.

To this reason we do not need booking in hotels.

ScotRail: Kyle Edinburgh

11 August 6:20 arr. 13:16


Edinburgh Moscow

13 August 11:45 arr. 21:40


From 11 to 13 August I booked my hotel in Edinburgh. See Appendix.

Group members: Group members:

Lekht Dmitry Russia Krasnov Alexander Russia

Komlev Nikolay Russia Lekht Daria Russia

Komleva Nadezda Russia Surzhikov Vladimir Russia

Kulikov Vladimir Russia Vasilyeva Inna Russia